Team Building, Socials, Networking!

1. Want something creative?

Margaritas and masterpieces is a mobile painting and cocktail event that travels all across sydney and nsw to provide creative team building and social events to corporate groups.

All art materials are supplied including paint, brushes, easels, aprons, and canvas to take home. The event runs over about 3 hours, with 2 hours guided art instruction by a qualified artist and half hour either side for getting settled and networking. As the event organiser you can choose the painting. We supply 2 hours of cocktail jugs (mojito, sangria or margarita). Canapes will be served at the pub venues. Complete room setup, cleanup and removal of rubbish is organised by our staff. Venue protection with floor coverings and table cloths supplied as well.


2. Event collaboration

Margaritas and masterpieces is available to discuss your event specifications in person, actually we prefer to meet with our clients before an event to get to know them better.

We have a number of preferred venues we host our events in, or we can discuss a private space you may have. In this meeting we also discuss your group and also the objectives of the event (team building or social) and also your group size.

At this meeting we can present costs for the event however they are highly dependant on the venue we decide on and also the number of guests.


3. Decide what suits you best!

Margaritas and masterpieces is a very flexible corporate team building and social event. We aim to customise you event to suit your corporate culture, or to help build a stronger culture amongst your employees that draws on this creative and collaborative team experience.


4. Get in touch!

We are looking forward to hearing from you to discuss your needs. We require a minimum of 4 working weeks to arrange an event.

Send me an email on or call on 0404 197 912.


Benefits of team building with margaritas and masterpieces

Effective message delivery:

Margaritas and Masterpieces guides guests through painting techniques that emphasize specific themes and
 messages such as mission statements, educational content, event taglines or other marketing messages. We aim for group collaboration, relaxation, creative escapism, and an opportunity for everyone to step out of the norm. Art is a powerful expression that creates emotional connections to specific people, events and moments in our lives. By taking time out of an attention demanding conference or seminar to create something unique about the event objectives, participants are forming closer emotional connections to the organization, brand, and, of course, each other!

Creative expression:

Margaritas and Masterpieces’ unique environment will inspire your attendees to unleash their creative 
side in a supportive environment, breeding innovation and enhancing performance in any organization. Guests may come to the event feeling as though they know no one but by the end I can assure you they would have gotten out of their seats and mingled with other guests, sharing thoughts, ideas and more importantly a few laughs.

Roi & flexibility:

With the ability to provide team building and entertainment services, Margaritas and Masterpieces will substantially increase your meeting’s ROI, resulting in financial savings, logistical ease and a consistent creative theme throughout the entire event. Margaritas and Masterpieces will customize its program to meet your exact needs. The ‘Large Art Installation” format is ideal as a breakout session or team building exercise in the morning or afternoon. It suits small groups up to 50 and can result in an art piece that the whole organization has been a part of creating, a piece that can be hung proudly within the organisation. Programs can be conducted at your location or one arranged through your event company, or Margaritas and Masterpieces direct.


25 people laughing, encouraging each other, offering praise, all equates to perfect team building. Thankyou for the experience. Liz, Corporate event organiser – 12.1.13

Emma & her team were a pleasure to work with. Emma answered all my queries & was able to put on a great event in such a short time frame. I would recommend Margaritas & Masterpieces to other companies for team bonding & socials. Very responsive, professional & everyone made wonderful masterpieces. Vanessa Imperial, Informatica – 19.9.13