How it works

While we would love to lock you in a room with just a bunch of paints, canvases and plastic ponchos, the event works best with just a teensy bit of structure…

But fear not – while your instructor is guiding you through how it all works, you’ll be sipping on your complimentary cocktail! You’ll also be able to purchase a small selection of snacks from the bar, or food from the brasserie, just depends what each venue has on offer. 

Art-wise, the idea is to recreate that evening’s featured painting, and you’ll be given the basic techniques to achieving this. But ultimately it’s YOUR masterpiece – we love different colours and creative interpretations! We have a few events outlined in Events with M&M, however if you are wanting something a little more customised just let us know when booking and we can custom quote. Check ourcalendar for upcoming paintings!

If you’re a bit sharper on the painting side of things, not to worry, we would love for you to still come along with your mates and you can paint whatever you feel like painting. We aim for our paintings to be realistic, and achievable for most amateur painters. Whilst you may look at one of our paintings and think “that looks easy”, the person next to you may be freaking out by how difficult it looks. Either way, my favourite part of the event is when I see the sense of accomplishment on your faces with your finished painting, when at the beginning of the event you said you had no creative bone in you body!

Drinks, plenty of laughs and award-winning artworks – we can guarantee 2 out of 3 of these! 🙂