Your Wedding Guestbook – A Masterpiece !!


Margaritas and Masterpieces will provide a creative and intereactive guestbook for your wedding guests. We can entertain them whilst you are getting your photography done inbetween ceremony and reception, or just be there in the background during the reception for guests to come and create at their leisure. 

What you get:

• Small square canvases enough for all your guests.
• You can decide whether you want your guests to work on a piece of artwork that actually forms a picture and then they sign a little message or signature on the canvas OR they can be as creative as they want with a limited number of colours that work together so you end up with a mish mash of art that truely expresses how your guests feel about you as a couple. 
• All art material provided and complete set up and clean up of space.
• 2 Artists to guide technique


Is based on event specifications; Venue Location; Number of attendees; and Pre-Event collage creative planning.

As a guide: 

up to 80 Guests = $15pp

81-120 Guests = $10pp

121+ Guest = $5pp

Everyone gets a small canvas to paint to create a large art collage installation for your home. We finalise the masterpiece and attach it to a backing board and deliver to your place. 

Alternatively for $800 flat we create a pre-determined Mandala type artwork that all your guests participate in finishing. One artist to guide the session. All art materials supplied.


2 hours inbetween Wedding Ceremony and Reception


Best is completed at the Reception facility in an area set aside for guests to mingle prior to reception beginning.