Frequently Asked Questions

So what exactly happens at a margaritas and masterpieces class?
Good first question! Well, besides your margarita on arrival and the masterpiece on departure (remember, art is in the eye of the beholder!), it’s essentially a fun, relaxed group art class, led by one of our talented and friendly artists. You have a few drinks, have a few laughs, paint and have a great time!

So what do we paint? Fruit? Naked men??
Each class features a specific painting by a famous or not so famous artist, maybe a ideallic landscape or even something completely abstract. This will provide the inspiration for your painting. From here it’s completely up to you whether you attempt to faithfully replicate that work or go off script – there are no rules! Our artist is on hand to assist with technique, but ultimately everyone’s masterpieces will be truly, uniquely their own!

But i’m terrible at art…
That’s fine – you create your own masterpiece.

But i’m fantastic at art…
That’s fine too – you also create your own masterpiece!

So how long does the class last?
About 2 to 2.5 hours, including breaks. Regular events begin at 4pm although we suggest arriving earlier (from 3.30pm) to register and grab a good spot. You can expect to be strutting out with your awesome artwork by 6.30pm.

Should i/we book in advance?
Yep, definitely! It’s limited seating, so it’s best to reserve your place via this website or calling us.

But i’m super spontaneous and only decided 3 minutes ago to do it tonight!
Good for you! Well, by all means, give us a call and try your luck – due to last minute cancellations, you may get in, or go on the waiting list and we’ll let you know. No harm in asking!

How much is it and what does that include?
Tickets are quoted per event and take into account venue choice and numbers of painters. Ticket prices vary because no two event is the same, venues impose minimum venue spends on us and also we have minimum costs we need to cover. We provide canvases, paint, brushes, easels, cocktail and aprons – you get to take home the canvas of course.

Do you offer gift certificates?
Definitely! What use would a perfect gift idea be without a certificate to match?


What do i wear?
While we do provide aprons, what can we say – it’s paint and we serve alcohol. This should encourage you to leave the serious ball gowns and designer gear at home. Relaxed and casual is fine. Remember: there are two things we cannot be responsible for: your painting skills and any paint damage.

I’m here with a friend/group. Can we sit together?
We agree – it’s waaay more fun if you’re not across the other side of the room! Just let us know when you’re making the reservation and we’ll do our best to match up all the bffs and party people appropriately.

Do you have food and drink on site?
We sure do! After your complimentary arrival drink, we have a cash bar for your sipping pleasure. We also do a selection of snacky snacks to keep you sustained as you go for canvas glory!

Can i bring in my own food?
Maybe, it really depends on the venue. Sensible nibbly snackfood mind you, preferably not a roast turkey…

Is it byo alcohol?

What is your cancellation policy?
We require 48 hours notice (2 nights prior) if you need to cancel. It simply allows us time to fill the spot/s from our waiting lists. If it’s any later than this, we need to regretfully charge the class fee (there just aren’t enough spontaneous people in the world!).

Can you let us know in advance about dates, venues, featured paintings?
Yes, yes and yes! Join our email list to get the inside knowledge on our monthly calendar a few days before we throw it on the website. Each class details what painting you’ll be tackling that night.

Arrrgh! I love that painting and i missed it! Are you doing it again??
If you mean “do we take requests?”, well maybe! So canvas us with your canvas wish list and we’ll take it into consideration when working out our next schedule.

What do red and yellow mixed together make?

Wow, you’re good. I’m booking!! But how?
Just go here. Or give us a call. We look forward to seeing you soon!