About Margaritas & Masterpieces

Remember playing with paints as a child? The thrill of mixing colours, experimenting – having FUN! Pure creative escapism. Yet somewhere along the way, most of us seem to have lost that outlet. Hmmm…

The idea for Margaritas and Masterpieces sprang to life during a trip to the USA. Feeling stressed and overworked (from working a gazillion hours to pay for my trip!), a friend over there suggested we attend an art class with a bunch of other friends. Odd choice, but sure.

Then something pretty cool happened. For 2 hours, I was transported away from reality and into a relaxing bubble where I could rekindle my love for painting while hanging out with my friends! Something so simple was just so liberating. And there it was – the resolve to recreate that experience here in Australia.

With my background and training in Hospitality and Events Management, I’m excited to be bringing something new to the Sydney entertainment landscape (or portrait – you choose!). Important: it doesn’t matter whether you’re brush savvy or canvas-challenged – our team of artists are here to help and the focus is simply on having fun in a relaxed setting.

Margaritas and Masterpieces – pure creative escapism for grown ups.
I look forward to mixing colours (and drinks) with you real soon!

Emma Clisby

Empress of Entertainment

M&M Story

Sarah is our “Specialist of Splash”.

At the Margaritas and Masterpieces events Sarah is amazing with a paint brush in hand as my lead artist, however the creativity doesn’t stop there. She’s an amazingly talented costume designer (see her at, artist, model maker, illustrator and – most recently – builder of wall mount dragon heads out of paper mache.

Her skills are of course backed up with a qualification in design from Enmore School of Design, but personally with art its not the piece of paper that counts its the output.

When she isn’t emanating creativity, she is currently studying to be a vet nurse through correspondence. Whilst currently in her 3rd year of a zoo keepers course via Taronga Park Zoo she also walks and house sits dogs in the Inner west. Her greatest passion lies with animals and she’s inspired by the work of Jane Goodall. With all that passion I look forward to seeing her further living out her dream of working with animals!